Case study


Running an efficient program of small cap loans

A major development finance institution, which we knew well through several big ticket transactions, asked for our help to run a program of small cap loans efficiently. While the work would often be routine, it required a deep understanding of the institution's policies and sensitivities, and occasional management by senior lawyers as and when difficult technical issues arose. At the same time, the transactions had to be administered for a cost that gave maximum value for money to the institution’s state investors.

The team who already knew the client, supported by project management specialists, developed a bespoke process around the institution’s requirements, and trained staff in our Hub to administer the transactions. At the same time our banking team in Warsaw were trained to prepare the underlying drafts, and support on the more routine legal elements of the transactions. Both of these teams were overseen by the client’s relationship contacts in London, who ensured appropriate technical quality and service to the client, and were able to step in as needed. We have now been running the legal elements of the loan program since 2016.