Case study


Issues based collection and review of data

Our client, a major life insurer, was invited to make a submission on issues being investigated by a Royal Commission and was provided with only six weeks to make its submission  The issues being investigated by the Commission covered a ten year period.

So that it could prepare its submission, our client required us to collect, review and summarise ten years’ worth of data and documents in a three week period.  We were also required to prepare concise summaries identifying the likely key issues of interest to the Royal Commission as well as advise the client on key commercial, legal and strategic issues. 

Our Legal Project Management team developed an issues based document identification, collection and review process which ensured that the issues of most interest to the Royal Commission were identified early and the review of documents relating to those issues was prioritised.

To facilitate this intense document collection and review exercise we included a dedicated Project Management Professional™ on the team to monitor and track the process and refine it as necessary.  This also ensured we used the right resources at the right level to complete the work efficiently and with the highest quality.