Case study


High volume aviation litigation claim handling

A major airline asked us to help clear a growing backlog of small claims, relating to flight delays and cancelations. The problem for the airline had been made worse by third party firms buying up claims against them, in bulk, and pursuing them aggressively. The third parties knew the airline would have to settle if they could not respond fully to all claims within the short deadline imposed by legislation.

We designed a detailed process for tracking, reviewing and proactively defending the claims, with the administration of the project and most of the work completed from our Hubs. This work was supervised through an online platform in which all work was completed, by our aviation disputes team in London. They were in turn supported as needed by our aviation disputes team in South Africa. We have administered the process since early 2017 and have delivered material savings to the client while sharing the benefits of ongoing process and technology improvements. We have also freed up considerable internal resource at the client, to focus on work where they add more value.