Case study


Global policy advice

A client headquartered in Hong Kong, but with global operations, asked us to advise on a new corporate policy. This meant checking the policy worked in each relevant jurisdiction, and preparing local amendments where needed to make it effective.  

Step 1 was instructing and obtaining advice from our offices and other counsel around the world. Step 2 was analysing responses, and advising the client. The typical approach to a mandate like this would be to liaise by email with local counsel and other offices; obtain a written memo from each, then prepare an aggregate report on all jurisdictions.

Instead, the Hong Kong Corporate team worked with our Hub to prepare a bespoke online portal. Local counsel and our other offices confirmed the terms of their instructions, and then used a structured questionnaire on the portal to provide all advice. As well as eliminating most email traffic, the approach gave the Hong Kong team (and the client) a real-time view of the advice as it was prepared, allowing more effective project management, and timely interventions to keep local advisers on point and explore issues early. Because the questionnaire data was structured, a full report could then automatically be extracted, and a covering analysis prepared in which high level results were provided to the client in a dashboard format – saving the client and us time.