Case study


Global ISDA agreement portfolio review and renegotiation

A major bank client asked how we would review and renegotiate a global portfolio of 12,000 ISDA agreements, to reflect internal policy updates. For the client project team, visibility on progress was key, as was substantive assurance that nothing was being missed or inconsistently treated, from a risk management perspective.

To address this we broke down the review and renegotiation of each ISDA into mapped steps, before building a bespoke online portal in which all work was done and progress logged. As well as enabling effective management and quality control for our own team, this allowed us to extract detailed data on the progress of each ISDA, and the project as a whole. While the portal allowed direct client access, we also set up daily reports, in which salient data could be summarised in simple map and chart formats. These could also be readily updated to cover shifting client sensitivities (e.g. by jurisdiction or issue) as the project progressed.