Our Legal Operations Consulting team has harnessed industry knowledge, from years of experience in corporate, professional services and start up environments, to help GCs and in-house teams optimise their legal functions. Combining this broad range of technical expertise and industry experience, we work with our clients to identify opportunities and develop practical solutions that translate into successful outcomes. We know what will work and what doesn't.

Based on the ten key legal operations dimensions, we are creating product brochures containing practical tips and templates to guide clients in their approach and future planning. These brochures highlight our diverse offerings in each area, ranging from strategic advisory support to technology implementation and much more. Through our award-winning multidisciplinary NRF Transform team, our Legal Operations Consulting practice is also able to leverage the knowledge and resource from adjoining teams comprised of legal designers, data analysts and beyond, who work with us to ensure we deliver our services in the most efficient and effective way.

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Data Analytics

External resource management

Strategic planning

 Technology Tools