Case studies

Case studies

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Automation of staff incentive scheme
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A client in Hong Kong runs a staff incentive scheme in which several hundred employees are entitled to participate in an annual equity allocation.

3 Mondays
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A client in Vancouver received an internal authorisation to proceed with a deal, on a Sunday evening, and needed a suite of construction documents by midday Monday, Vancouver time.

Conducting a cost effective loan review
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Pending an audit by a regulator, a major investment bank was asked to explain their positions across a portfolio of 6000+ loans, and justify their allocation of tier 1 and tier 2 capital.

Cost efficient resourcing for East Africa project financing
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A client based in East Africa asked us to advise on a series of local Project Financings, sponsored by a DFI on favourable financing terms.

Development of specialist CP management capability
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Closing a banking or corporate transaction typically requires satisfying conditions precedent or CPs.

Global policy advice
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A client headquartered in Hong Kong, but with global operations, asked us to advise on a new corporate policy.

Global ISDA agreement portfolio
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A major bank client asked how we would review and renegotiate a global portfolio of 12,000 ISDA agreements, to reflect internal policy updates.

High volume aviation litigation claim handling
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A major airline asked us to help clear a growing backlog of small claims, relating to flight delays and cancelations.

Running an efficient program of small cap loans
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A major development finance institution, which we knew well through several high ticket transactions, asked for our help to run a program of small cap loans efficiently.

Streamlining loan portfolio approval process
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One of our banking clients requires us to complete a checklist for every loan agreement we advise on, confirming compliance with core policies or justifying deviation.

Two month disclosure exercise completed in seven days
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An unexpected court deadline meant a two month English law disclosure exercise had to be completed within seven days.

Issues based collection and review of data
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A short deadline required us to review and summarise 10 years’ worth of documents in 3 weeks.

Risk focussed reporting
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Our client wanted a way to track progress of workstreams and manage risk on a significant public project.